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  Joint Korean Associations Christmas party - Saturday 2 December 2017 @Hush, Mayfair
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K-hristmas is K-oming


Forget K-Pop, K-Drama or even K-Plastic Surgery, Korean Christmas is coming and we want YOU to be there!  For the first time we are holding a combined formal Christmas party with 2 other significant Korean associations in the UK – the Korean Medical Association (KUMA) and the International Association of Korean Lawyers (IAKL).  With thousands of professionals and students covered by these 3 associations, this promises to be a busy, diverse event and we really hope KOPiL is well represented.  KOPiL itself has such a broad range of professionals and we hope all of you are able to attend.


Although we have the largest venue we have ever had, each association has a limited number of spaces so we strongly urge you to clear diaries and be in touch as soon as possible. This year we have a special and very exclusive venue – Hush in the heart of Mayfair. Those who have been there will know what a great venue it is, and even more special because we have exclusive use of the entire private dining floor!


Full details below:


What:                   Joint Korean Associations Christmas dinner and party

When:                  Saturday 2 December 2017, doors open at 6.30pm

Where:                The Private Room @Hush Mayfair,  8 Lancashire Court, Mayfair W1S 1EY (http://hush.co.uk/)

How much:         £59 per person to include: sparkling wine reception, 3 course sit down meal, half a bottle of wine and coffee per person with exclusive use of the entire Private Room floor at the venue

Dress code:        Black tie or formal


We have all/generally/sometimes worked really hard this year. Give yourself a treat, put something nice on and join us for a relaxing Christmas party with good friends good food and excellent drinks.


If you would like to attend


This is a pre-register and pre-pay event so if you are interested, please could you send an email with your name (and anyone you are bringing) to kopilmail@gmail.com no later than Wednesday 29 November . Please indicate your choice of main and choice of wine with your registration. We will put you on our attendance list.  Your place will then be confirmed once you have sent £59 per person to our bank account below.


Bank:                                     HSBC

Payee:                                  KOPiL

Sort code:                           40-03-04

Account number:             21569228

Payer’s reference:          Your name



With so many people represented by our associations, places are at a premium so please check your diaries as soon as possible and send us your emails and payments!!


Christmas is a very special time of year. K-hristmas is going to be even better.


Kind regards,

The KOPiL committee




!리스마스가 다가옵니다


K, K드라마 또는 성형 트렌드까지 몽땅  잊어주세요. 오직 다가올 코리안 크리스마스만 기억해 주시면 됩니다올해는 역대 최초로 영국  다른 한인 단체들과 (재영한인의사협회(KUMA)  세계한인변호사협회(IAKL)) 연합하여 더욱 특별해진 크리스마스 이벤트를 주최하게 되었습니다. KOPiL까지 더해진 3개의 단체에 몸을 담고 있는  명의 학생과 직장인을 대상으로 하는 만큼평소보다  다양하고 붐비는 이벤트가 되기를 고대하고 있습니다.


지금까지 이벤트를 열었던  어떤 장소보다도 넓은 곳을 마련해두었으나  단체에 인원이 따로 배정되어 있는 관계로 가능한  빨리 예약해주실  있으면 감사하겠습니다늘어난 인원에  입어 올해는 더욱  특별하게 메이페어의 중심부에 위치한 Hush에서   전체를 빌려 이벤트를 열게 되었습니다.


Full details below:


무엇:                  재영 한인회 연합 크리스마스 디너 파티

날짜:                  2017 12 2, 6.30pm

장소:                  Hush Mayfair,  8 Lancashire Court, Mayfair W1S 1EY (http://hush.co.uk/)

비용:                     1인당 £59 다음이 포함됩니다전용 공간에서의 파클링 와인 리셉션, 3코스 만찬와인    커피

드레스코드:      블랙 타이 또는 정장


올해 저희 모두  열심히/어느 정도/약간 노력하셨죠. 이젠 자신의 등을 따뜻하게 토닥이며 좋은 사람들과  시간을 마음껏 즐길  있는크리스마스 파티로 작은 상을  차례입니다.


참석을 원하시는 회원 분들께서는


본인의 이름( 초대 손님의 이름) 늦어도 11 29일까지 메인 코스와 와인 선택 사항을 포함한 이메일을kopilmail@gmail.com 보내 주셔서 참석 명단에 등록해 주십시오그런  1인당 £59 비용을 아래의 계좌로 입금해 주시면 예약이 확정됩니다.


Bank:                                     HSBC

Payee:                                  KOPiL

Sort code:                           40-03-04

Account number:             21569228

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